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What To Look For In Your Next Portable Site Office

by Beverley Lucas

There are many different types of ongoing construction projects that require a centre of administration onsite. This has given rise to the new business of portable site cabin offices for sale. From luxurious offices that resemble finished buildings themselves to more modest accommodations, there is a whole range of portable site cabin offices you can decide from and it is up to you to decide what features you require most. 

Remember Your Budget And Stick To It

When browsing for something you need to always be mindful of your budget. With so many portable site cabin offices for sale, you need to be firm with what your price range is and only look at options that fit within it. A simple way to do this is to put your budget in your search keywords; for example "Portable site cabin offices $500 a week." This will give you a range of options that you can then decide from. It is best to not look at more expensive options at all because you may end up convincing yourself to get them despite your budget. 

Establish Your Priorities

As aforementioned, there is a range of accessories and amenities that your portable site cabin offices can come with and you need to decide what you absolutely cannot live without before searching. If you are on a site that is particularly prone to dampness then you might need a portable office that has reinforced waterproofing, or if you are doing a project during summer you might rely desperately on an air conditioning unit being present. Some key features to consider:

  • Floorspace (know the maximum and minimum you need)
  • Phone and data connection points
  • Furniture provided 
  • Termite and insect protection
  • Construction quality

Buy Or Rent?

It is always important to figure out whether you are going to spend more money renting something than if you just outright bought it. There are many portable site cabin offices for sale and there are often quite good bargains that can be found with minimal effort. You need to seriously consider whether you will be able to reuse these offices in the future and whether you might be looking at paying more than you intended accidentally. Construction sites are notoriously frugal places and if you can save some cash on a portable site cabin office then you can allocate that money better elsewhere. Just remember if you do purchase a portable office that you will be responsible for moving it, which comes with its own set of logistics and costs. Contact a company like Cabin Depot in order to learn more.