Starting a New Business

Why Tool Hire May Be Your Best Option

by Beverley Lucas

When you need plant or tools for a new job, what do you do? Do you begin to make lists of everything you will need to buy and then start searching for the supplier who has the best price? It might seem that buying in the equipment you need is the most logical, cost-effective choice, but is that really true? Here are three reasons that tool hire can often make more sense for your company.

No expensive stock to hold

With tool hire, you are free to hire the equipment you need and then return it when the job is finished. If you buy all of your tools, then at the end of the job you will be faced with either disposing of them or arranging for storage. If you sell off your tools you will be unlikely to realise anywhere near the purchase cost, and if you decide to store your tools you will need to maintain a large warehouse or yard in which to store everything. Both of these options introduce extra costs to your business. When you choose tool hire you only pay for the time you actually need the tool, and you can simply hand it back when the job is done.

No expensive maintenance costs

When you hold your own stock of equipment, it is your responsibility to ensure that it is in full working order and that it is safe to use. Your company will need to employ a maintenance team to check the equipment when it comes out of the store to be certain that it is fully operational and to replace any parts which have become damaged or worn out. For most pieces of equipment, there are statutory tests that need to be carried out, and often these tests need specialist equipment. Each of these expenses will be borne by your company if you own the equipment. If you decide on tool hire then all of the maintenance and repair costs are no longer your responsibility; you can be certain that the equipment will have been fully tested and that you can start using it as soon as it arrives on your site.

Enjoy the latest equipment

Everything you buy will eventually become obsolete. If you purchase a tool which you will only use on a few occasions each year, how much use will it really get before it is no longer suitable for the job? With tool hire, you always have access to the latest equipment. You can always be sure of doing a great job because your tools are always the most up-to-date and the best available for the task.