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How mock CQC inspection services can maintain the quality of your care services

by Beverley Lucas

If you are involved with health or social care services, you should be familiar with CQC inspections. The CQC not only registers care providers, but they also monitor and rate services. Inspections are an effective way of ensuring that vulnerable people receive the level of care that they have a right to expect, so when you work in a venue that provides care services, you learn to expect CQC inspections as a regular event.

The value of mock CQC inspection services

Every care facility tries to provide the highest level of care that they can, but sometimes problems arise or established procedures aren't followed as well as they might be. A CQC inspection can highlight these issues and help get your care services back on track. The problem for care providers is that by the time a CQC inspection arrives, the issue may already have been ongoing for some time, leading to a less-than-acceptable level of care. It is also important to note that any issues noticed during a CQC inspection are officially recorded and can affect the rating your services receive. It is far better if problems with your care services can be picked up earlier by mock CQC inspection services and dealt with before the real CQC inspection takes place.

What do mock CQC inspection services do?

When you arrange for a visit from a company offering mock CQC inspection services, you will receive an audit similar to that provided by a normal CQC inspection. Shortly after the visit, you will be sent a report outlining the result of the visit. The report will outline any gaps in compliance, and where required, action planning will be put in place.

What does a mock inspection look like?

A typical inspection will involve:

  • A health and safety audit
  • A KLOE compliance audit
  • An infection control audit

During the inspection the inspector could:

  • Examine your internal workflow procedures
  • Speak with members of your team to examine their knowledge and ensure that they are ready for a genuine CQC interview

Why work with a company offering mock CQC inspection services?

The value of a one-off mock inspection are obvious: your staff is given the opportunity to correct any gaps in their working practices and to ensure that when the real CQC inspection arrives, they are fully prepared. One problem faced by many care service providers is that the gap between inspections is long enough to allow poor practices to creep into their procedures. Many providers have found that a good way to prevent this is by arranging for quarterly mock CQC inspections that will pick up these departures from good procedure before they can become an accepted way of working.